The Blood Rider

Created by Mark Tarrant

Written by Mark Tarrant and Konstantine Bakalis

Cursed to roam the untamed west as a vampire, Ezekiel Carson, once a devoted man of God, is haunted by his past. Feeding on bandits and spending his nights satisfying his endless lusts, he has found his life is empty.

William Hamilton is a school teacher from New York who is in need of a guide and seeks out The Blood Rider. Their meeting is less than promising, but Ezekiel agrees to help after learning William is searching for his brother, a preacher who has disappeared from a mining town in New Mexico.

Riding only at night, and drinking from blood-filled canteens, the journey begins. When William discovers the man in black’s secret, he is weary, but, desperate to find his brother, they travel on. After arriving, the two discover the prosperous mining town holds a dark secret. The burned down church on the outskirts of town, missing miners and whispers of demons are just the beginning. The moon is high, the sky is clear and the scent of death lingers in the air.

“I don’t run out of bullets… I run out of bodies…” Ezekiel Carson A.K.A The Blood Rider

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Graphic Novel by legendary artists Vicente Alcazar coming soon!!

Read a free mini comic done by Matt Ryan and Free Lunch studios here.

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